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Seria: Grey day

Medium format abstract painting characterised by subdued, pastel colours. The colours infiltrating on the surface of the canvas, creating in some places vivid planes sprinkled with light.


Seria: Mechanizmy złudzeń

Portrait cycle: medium format female portraits. The beauty and delicacy of a woman's face are brutally torn by clefts, stains and rough structural elements. The artist consciously and boldly contrasts the canonical image of human beauty with elements that undermine the adopted aesthetic values.


Seria: Zamknięci w kole

Pictures with the theme of contemporary cities. It is a wandering on the "border" spaces in which the figurative is deconstructed in a completely unexpected manner when allow ourselves to change the perspective. Cracked earth, crevices, fog floating above the ground, coffee residues are a collection of apparent, often completely unnoticeable elements of our everyday life, become the subjects of careful and sensitive observation.


Seria: Niepewność istnienia

Medium-format works in which trees are the dominant motif. Warm, subdued colours, percolating greys, beiges and oranges guide our eyes to every fragment of the canvas. However the colour is only a hint, what is amazing is the sculptural structure that is built on the surface of the painting, which gives the observers the impression of three-dimensionality.