Magdalena Królborn 1985 in Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki. A contemporary artist who combines abstract and figurative art in her works. She decided to make her artistic debut in 2019, arousing the interest of observers from the very beginning, at the 2nd Agra Art Nova Auction. The subject of her paintings revolves around emotions accompanying careful observation of reality. In its perception, the real world undergoes a process of disintegration to be appeared afterwards to our eyes as vibrating, mysterious and disturbing. An important factor in the reception of her works are the expressive colours in warm tones of brown, beige and grey. The artist freely combines various methods of applying paints, from freely pouring them over the surface of the canvas, to careful and meticulous stroking of the brush while working out figurative details.

Magdalena Król attaches great importance to the search and selection of often unusual media or workshop means, thus obtaining visual effects that are completely surprising for the recipient. On the surface of her paintings, we can see three-dimensional structures with a heterogeneous and intriguing form, encouraging the exploration of works from different perspectives.